THE YEAR 2021:


As in any year the DIVINE WORLD will activate more and more energy in the year 2021.

In 2021, as in any year, the DIVINE WORLD will continue the heightening of the frequency/vibration of the energies according to the DIVINE PLAN.

The year 2021;

Certain unknown viruses and bacteria will become active and known in 2021.

The year 2021 is a year of:

  • in general:
    UNREST within and in between different ethnic groups as well as among people in general.
  • aggression/violence: increasing.
  • increase in the number of physiological problems/problems with mental health.
  • increase/rise in aggression due to the increase in mental health issues and feelings of unrest etc.
  • increase in the number of suicides.
  • disasters/calamities: same as in the forgoing years.
  • certain liberties will be pressured and constrained.
  • a lot of people will start feeling more and more desperate, everything they used to rely on and put their faith into will gradually start to disappear.
  • a lot of people (mainly in the West) do not see the true building blocks and true structures of life anymore. The way governments around the world have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, shows that mankind lives their lives basically disconnected from the DIVINE WORLD/GOD. The main part of mankind wants to exercise control instead of relying on faith/trust in the DIVINE. The events of 2020 concerning the new coronavirus show us that mankind does not look to find the true cause of what happened, they only seek to exercise control over its consequences. Fear rules our worlds.
  • The strategies and handling of many governments concerning the new coronavirus are not adequately sustained. Certain vaccines are developed with great haste and are not truly effective at containing the ongoing pandemic.
    The year 2021 therefor will be a very turbulent and unfavorable year when it comes to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Because the LIGHT of the DIVINE, also named CHRYSTAL ENERGY, will be increasingly present and manifest more strongly in the year 2021, as in every year, a lot that was unknown or invisible will become visible. That which is not in accordance with the DIVINE ENERGY will become visible and tangible.

In other words, a lot of chaos, unrest and messy things and situations will come to the surface as the negative energies that are connected to mankind will become more visible throughout mankind itself. The negative is connected to mankind, and as the negative energies become more and more visible, this results in people having an increase in thoughts, feelings and eventually actions that originate from the negative, as a result of an increase in unrest in the negative energies/worlds themselves. For example, this may result in feelings of depression, aggression, destruction and illusions.

The negative energies will also activate a lot of distortion among people with the goal to create disharmony.

Note: the negative energies are connected to all of mankind. Because of this the negative cannot be free, which results in many hierarchies of negative energies will trying to drive people into madness.

RATU KIDUL 13/01/2021