is it a philosophy?


is it reality?


On average the spiritual people in Indonesia do not always have a lot of knowledge or insight in their spiritual practice.

For example;

Most of the people who are spiritually unaware and are working in the field as DUKUN  will follow the procedure  and instructions of the SPIRIT(gaib) they receive exactly. They see everything the SPIRIT says as a reality.


In case the person in charge has no knowledge and/or can not recognize where the spirits they receive are coming from, then the DUKUN will be under the control of these spirits.


In case these spirits are working on behalf of the negative/ devils, then all the actions and deeds resulting from this shall be negative!


Further there are spiritual people who would like to obtain the state of being a DUKUN.


Most of these people do everything they can to receive more spiritual power.


For example;
They will go to all kinds of places in Indonesia to receive this spiritual power.


Further, they will go to other and/or stronger Dukun”s/spiritual people.

All of the above is based on stories/legends of what is going on and exists in the world of these spiritual people. These stories/legends go from mouth to mouth, they are past verbally from person to person. The one who is telling the story can tell the story as they want and portray themselves as someone who has a lot of spiritual power.

In case the spiritual person in charge would like to have more spiritual power, this desire is coming from EGO !

However, as mentioned above, for these people will it be their reality.

The above mentioned issues are the domain in which the negative is active, they act on MISLEADING people.

The human beings here on Earth are on this planet to learn by experience/from experience.

So be it.   (KARMA)

Spirituality also has to do with your status of incarnation.

The spiritual people who are a high incarnation should see the difference between reality and deception.

This has to do with the lessons/wisdom you have gained from former lives.

In case you are a high incarnation ,(regarding spirituality) then the wisdom from former lives is still inside you.


A lot of people who are highly educated will see what is mentioned above as a philosophy and use their own understanding to explain it without seeing the reality of it.

When SPIRITUALITY is just a philosophy on average for the people of Indonesia, there will be no change.

In other words, the stories/legends will always be legends, it will not come to reality.

It will be a dream, it shall be a dream.