Message from RATU PUAN and RATU KIDUL for the spiritual people/dukuns of Indonesia

RATU KIDUL message to all spiritual people

RATU KIDUL hereby give the message to all spiritual people 
The spirits of twelve men sitting in Easy pose on the floor, in form of a ring 
They are all dressed in white with dark blue details
On their heads they have a hat in a form of a cone in the color white
The part of their hats, closest to their heads, is dark blue 
At the same time, they all bend back to the floor so they together becomes the form a twelve pointed star with their hats
At this moment KAKI LURAH SEMAR is walking through the space with the twelve men
KAKI LURAH SEMAR activate the twelve men forming the 12 point star 
The explanation and meaning / instructions of the above message is for special spiritual people with certain mission 
These people will and shall know the background / KEYS of this message

RATU KIDUL  15.10.2022