Message from RATU PUAN and RATU KIDUL for the spiritual people/dukuns of Indonesia

RATU KIDULmessage for the earth:

If you search for the Divine via your heart, the Divine will find you. There will open new channels in yourself. You will discover new places deep within yourself. Places you never thought that would exist. If you? search for the Divine Heart in your heart, you will find true glory, joy, happiness and a deep understanding of the true meaning of unconditional love. You will become more aware of the reason of your existence. You will experience on a deeper level and discover that the impossible becomes/is possible. You will find peace with yourself, your surroundings, your life. 
The true source of love, joy and happiness lies within yourself. This source is within every human being on this Earth. There are no limits. The source is endless. Connect with your heart and your journey will start. 
The journey will start to your higher self thereafter to ALLAH 
RATU KIDUL august the 25th 2022