Message from RATU PUAN and RATU KIDUL for the spiritual people/dukuns of Indonesia

Future of the Earth:

This is the message from RATU KIDUL regarding the future of the Earth:

The people on Earth have a choice between peace or war. In order for them to make this choice, they should be searching their inner world. In case the people on Earth are not searching for the DIVINE, and therefore not searching in their inner world, there is very little awareness in their choices and actions. However, every action they take will have future consequences

In case people choose war over peace, (by for example choosing personal gain at the cost of the whole of the population), then in the future there will be great problems regarding food supply. At this moment in time there are 7,5 billion people on Earth. In case people do not choose peace over war, then everything that has to do with commodities and resources will be used as a weapon against foreign countries and people.

All the decisions that the governments make in the present time, have an action-reaction based outcome in the future. In case the people on Earth choose peace and the governments make choices towards the direction of peace, then the situation will be a little bit different and perhaps more favorable.

This is the period for the coming 10 years.

July 25th 2022